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LA Theater Review

Rollerblading in Gaza

Diminutive writer-performer Maude Kochendler bursts onto the stage in a cream Cinderella silk wedding dress (she tells us she already owns two) and, projecting to the nonexistent balcony of this tiny black-box theater, dreams of meeting the perfect guy. As evidenced by the proud display of French, American, and Israeli flags, Maude confides she's still unsure of where she belongs as she moves from the Israeli Army to Club Med to New York, where she struggles for work as an actor. The braying delivery of her one-woman show grates, but gutsy Kochendler seems more at home belting out a cabaret tune. Despite her irrepressible spirit, this commonplace personal tale is devoid of emotional insight.

Dorie Theater at the Complex, 6476 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood. Closed.

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