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LA Theater Review

The Deadly Sin Bingo Show

Performing a show dependent on audience participation for an audience of fewer than 10 can be disheartening. But that's nothing compared to performing that show on the night of the Lakers' NBA Finals Championship win while L.A. morphs into a rowdy block party. To its credit, the cast—the holy trinity of Catholic humor—a priest and two nuns (Jon Marco, Jenni Lamb and Lisa Merkin) keep a snappy pace despite the honking horns and rebel yells rising from Hollywood Boulevard. Even with Marco's funny riffs on calling letters—"B" becomes "bordello," "O" becomes "overeat"—this is still just a bingo game, and without a few drinks and your most fun friends, it feels like a promised date with your grandmother.

Various locations; visit www., (312) 420-1352.

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