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‘Bunheads’ Recap: Episode 6, ‘Movie Truck’

‘Bunheads’ Recap: Episode 6, ‘Movie Truck’
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In this week's episode, Michelle has a birthday. And in true post-feminist fashion, we never learn which one. Also, to exactly no one's chagrin, Fanny disappears for nearly a full episode.

In which Michelle bursts in so that the plot may continue...

This week in Paradise, the bunheads show up to the studio and find it locked. Then Michelle turns up – she's everywhere, isn't she – suggests that they break in by extraordinary means (chainsaws are mentioned), and promptly stalks off. We then cut over to Truly's house, where she's hosting this week's installment of Geriatric Ladies Book Club, wherein the literary masterpiece up for discussion is – naturally and inevitably – “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Michelle bursts in for no apparent reason, that being her general modus operandi this week, and tells Truly that she really needs some friends her own age, ones who are more familiar with Sean Cassidy than Jack. Granted, if Michelle has any kind of Fine Arts Nerd authenticity about her at all, and isn't, say, just a hot girl who dances sometimes, we'd suspect that she'd have strong multi-generational feelings for Cassidys of all stripes, but we'll overlook this lapse in sanity. As we often do with this show.

In which the ladies, in keeping with current trends, embrace their inner wild child...

We return from the cheerful theme song to find Michelle on the phone with Fanny, who is seen on a hotel lounger somewhere far, far from Paradise. Apparently she's decided to take a vacation without informing Michelle, who is now expected to teach all her classes. When Michelle informs Fanny that she's busy – it's her birthday, don't you know, and her friend Talia is coming up from Vegas to celebrate – Fanny basically shrugs, says tells her to work around it. She also informs her that she's bought a stripper pole for the studio. (Because if we're all comfortable enough for “Fifty Shades of Grey,” we're all comfortable enough for a stripper pole.) Back in the Oyster Bar, the Buns hatch a plan for a fun night out while Sasha's parents are away. This happens while the dull bunhead eats some unidentified fried food, in keeping with her dullness. At the studio, Talia shows up with Michelle's last check from Vegas, which they plan to blow on Michelle's birthday. What's that smell? Why, that's the anticipatory whiff of a kooky/fun night out on the (very small) town.

In which a fun night in Paradise is (mostly) solidly planned...
That morning, Talia and Michelle explore Paradise, and natch, Talia gets obsessed with Sparkles, Truly's shop. Michelle is reluctant to go in for reasons that aren't completely apparent until we realize that she is – rather meanly, even for Michelle – working hard to exclude Truly from her super fun birthday plans. When Truly catches wind of the plot, she flat-out invites herself while reminding Michelle of her need for companions that don't need Depends. The bunheads, meanwhile, gather at Sasha's house and overhear a fight between Sasha's parents. The issue: Sasha's allegedly gay dad is allegedly in love with a guy in town. (Argument excerpt: “Don't you dare throw that, it's Jonathan Adler!”) Then they pluck Boo's eyebrows into asymmetrical oblivion so she can be beautiful for Charlie, the dull bunhead's brother, who's sure to turn up tonight at something called The Movie Truck, which is a truck that shows movies. They're then interrupted by Josh, Baby Megan Hilty's almost-certainly-also-gay boyfriend, who turns up with overnight kits for the gals. Then we learn that Sasha's parents have argued themselves into exhaustion and aren't going out. Movie Truck plans? FOILED. Back at Truly's shop, Michelle & Co. have gussied themselves up, including Truly, who's busting out – literally – in snakeskin. She thinks she looks like a hooker. She's correct.

In which everyone winds up at the same place…
When the Buns finally meet Charlie at the Movie Truck—oh my god, a male character who appears in more than one episode?!—he’s so shouty and mad it seems like he could use a juice box and a nap. Still, inside we discover Charlie was kind of right to be pissed—there are no seats together. Sasha instructs everyone to fan out and annoy other patrons into giving up their seats, one by one, until the buns are all seated beside each other. Of course this plan is immediately abandoned when Boo lands beside Charlie because teen movies have promised us this is her moment for a yawn/stretch/arm around your shoulders scene that will surely lead to true love. Meanwhile, foiled by boring anti-Paradise, Michelle, Talia, and Truly have not managed to rustle up trouble, and now they’re stuck standing at the back of the Movie Truck, too. Don’t worry, though, because straight-laced Truly has snuck a gallon of moonshine into the theater inside her tiny purse, so all is not lost!

In which Boo plays a doormat. Again…
The girls need to get back to Sasha’s before midnight because otherwise the alarm system will lock them out all night, only Michelle is there and if she sees them, she’ll clearly know they’re out past curfew. You know, because all adults keep track of all children’s curfews. Obvs. The Buns opt to risk lateness and wait for Michelle to leave first. Outside, Charlie has abandoned Boo to hit on a vampy chick in a postage stamp sized dress, and at this point, we concoct some ridiculous excuse or another to trample on Boo’s pride once again. This time, by having Charlie use Boo’s hand to record the vampy girl’s number. Meanwhile, Truly is refusing to say die and will not let the girls just go home and sleep. She’s sober because she spit every swig of booze straight back into the bottle—thank god everyone is appropriately horrified by this disgusting/pathetic admission—and she wants to drive everyone to the Cupcake ATM in Los Angeles, and dammit, Truly is going to get what she wants for once.

In which there is another (possible) dream ballet…
Post-cupcake run, Truly has conveniently passed out in the gazebo so Michelle and Talia can have a heart-to-heart. Here we learn that Michelle is going to commit herself to this crazy town for at least another year, and she’s going to liven it up even if it kills her. (Hopefully this means that plot about Michelle teaching the girls to dance can finally start up and stuff.) Meanwhile, the girls are sleeping in/on top of Sasha’s mom’s convertible waiting for the alarm to deactivate. Sasha has decided she’s still being mostly nice to Boo so she gives a Charlie-related pep talk before informing Boo she’s received her official acceptance into the Joffrey program and she’s planning to go without telling her parents, who (clearly) won’t even notice that she’s gone. Inside the house we find Sasha’s allegedly gay dad is completely catatonic on the couch, where Sasha tells him she broke curfew and messed up Mom’s car. He says nothing. Then, we are treated to a sudden scene cut, which finds Sasha in dark makeup dancing to “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” with two women we’ve never seen before. Is this really happening? Is it a callback to an Austin Powers joke earlier in the episode? It looks like we’ll never find out because BOOM, the episode is over.

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