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'Nashville' Recap: Episode 5, 'Move It on Over'

'Nashville' Recap: Episode 5, 'Move It on Over'
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After Rayna (Connie Britton) canceled her tour with guitarist Deacon last episode over him taunting her husband Teddy during their show, Rayna is flying solo. Although she promised herself she would never sell-out and do commercials, she gives in for the money, wearing the pants in the family as she always has. Teddy may not be bringing in the cash with his mayoral campaign, but he is certainly hiding what there was of it in his past.

The tension between Teddy and Peggy, his ex-partner—romantically and financially—who we met last week, seemed to be a sexual one. And it may be for her, but the big secret the two are feverishly hiding is their history of embezzlement. Peggy is about to be audited and Teddy knows this will undoubtedly destroy his political career.

As always Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) is being a controlling diva, but this time its because of her anxiety over her drug addict mother Jolene who’s living with her. Deacon, who we know has a long history of addiction recovery, offers to help, but Juliette stubbornly turns him down.

After sleeping with his boss’s assistant Hailey last week Gunnar is still working to win her over. Not wanting to get between Gunnar and his songwriting partner Scarlett, Hailey insists that they keep things casual. Gunnar assures her there’s nothing between him and Scarlett, but his hesitancy shows otherwise.

Meanwhile struggling musician Avery is still moody and jealous over girlfriend Scarlett's rising songwriting career. But when her and Gunnar need a guitarist for a new song, Avery is quick to offer his services. That look of malicious selfishness that glimmers in his eyes each episode though tells us that he’s not helping for Scarlett’s sake.

Rayna’s commercial is put on hold when Deacon, co-writer of her song in the commercial, refuses to let her tweak the lyrics. After not speaking since their fight last episode, the two meet in person only to argue more. Deacon claims he would never sell-out like she has, but Rayna calls him out on collaborating with Juliette. He may not sell-out with commercials, but writing for a pop star isn't far from it.

Meanwhile Rayna uses this break from writing with Deacon to start writing on her own for once. When Teddy finds her writing one evening he confronts her over why she cancelled the tour with Deacon, asking if they slept together. She says no, but when he asks if she wanted to she looks away and says she's moved on from the past. We remember her Deacon sex dream from last episode, and we can tell she does too.

Anxious over the audit, Teddy asks for help from Lamar, his political advisor and father-in-law. The mysteriously sinister Lamar assures him he'll handle it, whatever that means.

When things get worse at home, Juliette takes Deacon up on his offer and brings him over to meet her mom. But this is no meet-n-greet, it's a good old fashioned intervention. After convincing Jolene to get clean for her daughter, she agrees to go to rehab, the same one Deacon went to. But when they arrive Jolene’s a mess and accidentally drops a bottle of pills which Deacon picks up. Jolene explodes on Juliette and slaps her for forcing her into rehab. Ashamed and knowing she’s lost her daughter for good, Jolene turns around and walks into the rehab entrance.

Back at the publishing label, Scarlett and Gunnar, with Avery on guitar, play their song for Lady Antebellum's music reps. As always Scarlett and Gunnar sound amazing as they adoringly sing into one another's eyes, but Avery sitting beside them gets jealous and begins showing off on the guitar. All the reps have to say afterward is a congratulations to Avery's guitar work, nothing about the song. Gunnar is clearly pissed and lashes out on Avery for upstaging them.

Realizing Avery thinks there’s something between Gunnar and her, Scarlet tells Gunnar later that she has no feelings for him. Gunnar somewhat reluctantly agrees that they’re just friends, but then blatantly mentions that he’s dating Hailey. Scarlett doesn’t seem upset by this news so Gunnar shows off that Hailey just texted him. The poor guy is getting more and more desperate to win her affection.

Clearly upset over revisiting to his old rehab, Deacon meets with his sponsor Coleman. He hands over the pill bottle he picked up from Jolene, saying how he counted the pills all night, but assures he didn’t take any. Deacon is obviously struggling and looking for an outlet. Luckily it's not drugs this episode, but a fight that gets him arrested. Rayna rejects his call from jail, telling Teddy it was no one. She really is trying to bury her feelings for Deacon once and for all.

Scarlett finally stands up for herself to Avery when she finds out her and Gunnar's song didn't get picked because of him. He looks slightly guilty, but not enough to be forgiven.

After bailing Deacon out of jail, Juliette refuses to continue living in her home where her mother stayed with her and moves to a more stylish one. Her gleeful look over her expansive pool-side view seems to say the old Juliette is back again.

Rayna's new song impresses her team and may be the next single off her new album, her first without Deacon. Realizing it’s over between then, Deacon cuts his final tie to Rayna and gives his approval of their song for the commercial.

But past love drama still ensues. Teddy meets Peggy to find out that Lamar saved them from the auditors. Thinking they escaped the press, Teddy grabs Peggy’s hand smiling. Little does he know his secret meeting with his ex is being captured by a hidden photographer. Perhaps Teddy’s going to be the one explaining himself now.

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