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Lovers of satire, unite! "A Night of Shitty Theatre" contains some of the smartest (and most smart-ass) spoofing this side of David Ives. Writer-director Joe Wack and his deliriously irreverent cadre of kooky comics—Channon Booth, Dina Drew, Tim McMurray, Tony Misiano, John Schiebler, and Jennifer True—hurl poisoned darts at our ever-hallowed stage, often hitting bulls-eyes.

In another case of theatre following trends, not creating them, "All-American Boy" is so, like, 1999; so, like, 2000; so, like, O-Town/Boyzone/TakeThat/98Degrees/5ive/4force/2gether/Backstreet/'NSync-ish. Still, satire can be satisfying when done well.

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