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'666 Park Avenue' Recap: Episode 4, 'Hero Complex'

'666 Park Avenue' Recap: Episode 4, 'Hero Complex'
Photo Source: ABC

Know what we love about supernatural drama “666 Park Avenue”? How sometimes, the supernatural takes a backseat to a tedious local government drama for an entire episode. Why watch the ghosts of pale little girls whisper dire warnings when you can see clumsily executed political machinations instead?

This week belonged to Henry. Sweet, dull Henry, who just doesn’t know who to trust: his boss in the mayor’s office, or his wife’s boss at the Drake. Who is dirtier? After some quick writing by the Drake’s resident journalist, Aubrey Dollar, it turns out Henry’s boss is dirty—but only because she has the ability to make her stories come true. Under Gavin’s direction, she writes an exposé of Henry’s boss linking him to the mob. Why she should do that instead of writing an obituary for the KBG agent who has been torturing her was never explained this week. Instead, she called Gavin for help. Because why waste your time making anything come true just by publishing it in the New York Informer when you can call the owner of your apartment building?

The few moments spent away from Henry found Jane working on that locked suitcase she hauled out of the basement last week, her tongue sticking out of her mouth. And when wasn’t trying to pry open the lock (she can’t just cut it open?), she was seeing that dead little girl or returning sunglasses to the shrink of petty thief Nona. What, exactly, does she do all day? Every exterior shot of the Drake makes it seem enormous; shouldn’t she be busier?

Regardless, the entire episode builds to yet another fancy dress party. This time, unable to count on Vanessa Williams’ largesse, Jane buys a Dolce & Gabbana dress at a consignment shop for 90 percent off. She’s poor, you know? And she and Henry aren’t from New York. They’re simple Midwestern folk, who won’t let their different original zip code force them to bow down to the wealthy of Manhattan just because they happen to work for them. That’s why Henry, who has made a point of his morals ever since we met him, refrains from reading the files he stole from Gavin’s computer. Yeah, yeah, he stole them. But he didn’t read them, so he’s still a good guy.

In fact, Henry’s a hero. Nona stumbled out of the elevator with Henry and Jane and accidentally grabbed hold of Henry’s watch in a clumsily choreographed scene and saw Henry being shot by a man with a compass tattoo. She wisely warns Jane, and even more wisely refuses to explain. So when Jane sees a man with a compass tattoo at a party at the mayor’s house, she waits a beat or three and then bellows Henry’s name. That’s all it took for Henry to rescue his boss and save the day! Well, almost. Poor Aubrey Dollar takes a bullet to the head. Bye, Aubrey!

And that suitcase? It was filled with an ominous black dust that sometimes takes the shape of a reasonably attractive man. Looks like next week he’ll try to kill Jane. Better grab the DustBuster, girl.

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