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'Ben and Kate' Recap: Episode 5, 'Emergency Kit'

'Ben and Kate' Recap: Episode 5, 'Emergency Kit'
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On Tuesday night’s episode of “Ben and Kate,” zombies (and Ben’s ex-girlfriend) attacked Kate’s house, and Rob Corddry, who’s usually really funny on “The Office,” made a pretty random cameo.

Corddry played Buddy, the owner of the bar where Kate (Dakota Johnson) and BJ (Lucy Punch) work. Though he’s married, he and BJ totally crush on each other—and by crush, we mean produce an incredibly awkward, is-this-over-yet kind of sexual tension.

Back at Kate’s house, Maddie (Maggie Elizabeth Jones) receives an invitation to a classmate’s birthday party, which will purportedly feature a bounce house. And when Maddie starts espousing the potential dangers of said bounce house, Ben (Nat Faxon) becomes worried that Kate has raised Maddie to be overly prepared, resulting in Maddie being scared of everything.

And then, when Ben accidentally cuts Maddie’s forehead using his Indonesian-made, Japanese-style knives to cut through a VCR (it’s 2012 – why does Kate still have a VCR?!), Kate insists that Ben isn’t prepared enough for emergencies. Here we go: Conflict time.

Oh, and to make things even more interesting, Ben’s crazy ex-girlfriend Louise shows up. “Crazy” isn’t a crazy enough word to describe Louise. Truthfully, she’s an absolute lunatic, entering Kate’s house without invitation and walking around with no pants on.

In order to prove to Kate that you can’t be prepared for everything, Ben and Tommy (Echo Kellum) plan an emergency zombie attack drill in the middle of the night. Though Ben thinks his drill will totally outsmart Kate, he learns that you really can be prepared for everything (a point made clear when Kate pulls an emergency duffel bag, filled to the brim with cans of beans, from under the kitchen sink).

Oh, and remember the Rob Corddry cameo? Buddy and BJ go on a weird date where they intentionally put rusty nails into their food in the hopes of scoring free meals. They seem to find it super erotic. Odd. But whatever floats your boat, right?

Back at Kate’s house, Kate sends Ben to the garage to fix the power, which he had shut off in order to more accurately represent a zombie apocalypse. In the garage, Ben discovers that Louise is still there, and still wearing no pants! (Did we mention she’s crazy?) Luckily she actually makes a good electrician, and she manages to fix the power.

For some unexplained reason, BJ and Buddy end their date at Kate’s house, where they engage in more super uncomfortable flirting in the front hall before Buddy goes home. After Buddy leaves, BJ spots Louise, and we find out that the two had some kind of steamy relationship in the past. BJ gets super shy, and it’s much more adorable than watching her gross attempts at flirting with Buddy.

But wait—where the heck did Maddie go? In all the zombie apocalypse-ing, nobody realized that Maddie was nowhere to be seen. Finally they find her hiding in the attic (where Ben always told her to hide in the event of zombies attacking her house).

Since Ben and Tommy broke Kate’s only ladder, Kate tells Maddie that she’ll have to jump down… AND THEN EVERYBODY REALIZES THAT THEY’RE IN A SITUATION THAT THEY’RE NOT PREPARED FOR, AND THEY HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT. Bam. See how they did that? And then Kate delivers some kind of metaphor about jumping/taking a leap of faith, and it’s all really meaningful.

The next day, everybody jumps around in a bounce house together, and it’s really cute…until Louise shows up (this time wearing pants) and pops the bouncy castle with a disturbingly large knife. Because she’s crazy, remember?

Luckily, Kate is prepared for all emergencies—including those involving rapidly deflating bouncy castles—and everyone escapes safely.

Lines of the Night

“Sorry I’m late…not really. Just saying what I’m supposed to.” – BJ, showing up late to work.

“You know why men go bald, don’t you? Excess of testosterone. My hair didn’t stand a chance.” – Buddy, awkwardly flirting with BJ

“They’re bad together – like orange juice and peppermint.” – Tommy, describing Ben and Louise’s relationship

“Why is it all romantic in here?” – BJ, noticing the lights off in Kate's house. “Because the power is out and all our food’s going bad and we’re being attacked by zombies.” – Kate

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