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'Ben and Kate' Recap: Episode Six, 'Scaredy Kate'

'Ben and Kate' Recap: Episode Six, 'Scaredy Kate'
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The Halloween episode of “Ben and Kate” was definitely a treat.

While Kate (Dakota Johnson), BJ (Lucy Punch), and Maddie (Maggie Elizabeth Jones) are carving pumpkins in Kate’s kitchen, the doorbell rings. It’s Kate’s hot neighbor Steve. As we know, Kate isn’t the smoothest when it comes to flirting, and she can barely respond coherently after Steve invites her to his Halloween party that night. After he leaves, Kate insists that she’s too nervous to go to the party, but BJ convinces her to get some confidence, sex herself up, go to the party, and win Steve’s heart.

Meanwhile, BJ also convinces Maddie that the costume Kate picked out for her—mini Marie Curie—is totally lame. We learn that Kate has a history of picking embarrassingly uncool costumes for Maddie, including baby Gandhi and “the death of print journalism.” In BJ’s opinion, Kate and Maddie’s Halloween priorities should be looking hot—not totally dorky.

In the next room, Ben (Nat Faxon) and Tommy (Echo Kellum) brainstorm plans for Halloween night. Ben shoots down Tommy’s suggestion that they hit the club, and instead insists that they hit on the hot moms who’ll be taking their kids trick-or-treating. Tommy’s a little dejected, but agrees.

Kate, Maddie, and BJ spend the afternoon shopping for sexy costumes, where BJ sells Maddie on a princess dress instead of her lame-o scientist get-up. By a stroke of extreme coincidence, hot neighbor Steve is also at the costume shop, and he and Kate engage in another one of the most awkward conversations of all time. (Kate’s greeting to Steve: “What’s bippin’?”)

Back at Kate’s house, Tommy eats some of BJ’s candies and thinks he’s having an allergic reaction to them…that is, until Ben informs him that the candies contained drugs from Amsterdam, and that Tommy’s not allergic to them; he’s just high. The only solution, of course, is for Ben to eat some candies, too, and catch up to Tommy’s altered mental state.

Kate, dressed as Babe Ruth Bader-Ginsberg (get it?), takes Maddie trick-or-treating before the Halloween party. After dropping Maddie off at Tommy’s parents’ house, she goes against her better judgment and changes into her BJ-approved costume: sexy baseball player. (Were all the sexy sailor and nurse costumes taken?)

At the party, Kate decides to go all out with her newfound sexy persona, and leaps onto Steve as soon as she sees him, kissing him shamelessly on the mouth. Whoa.

But don’t forget about our drug-addled duo. After botching their first attempt at mom-flirting due to altered state of mind, Ben and Tommy decide to go to Steve’s Halloween party so they can do some warm-up flirting. At the party, they still act relatively psychotic, and scare all the women away.

Things aren’t going so well for Kate, either. Steve decides she’s too weird for him, and moves on to flirt with another party guest. Kate is totally bummed.

So is Tommy, apparently. Tommy confesses to Ben that he’s upset that they didn’t go to the club. After all, Tommy learned some pretty wicked dance moves while Ben was away, and he just wanted to show them off. To save their friendship, Ben asks Tommy to give him a private dance performance in Steve’s bathroom. Mid-recital, Steve finds them and kicks them out.

Outside, Ben and Kate reunite on the curb. They have a deep chat where, through the use of sandwich metaphors, Kate realizes that she needs to be comfortable with herself, and not sex herself up to make guys like her. Ben realizes he needs to listen to and respect people more.

And after encountering two drunken, skanky-looking women in revealing princess costumes, BJ learns a lesson, too. She sneaks into Tommy’s parents’ house, wakes up Maddie, and tells her that it would have been totally cool to dress up as a scientist, if she had wanted to.

Kate gets back into her original Halloween costume, and starts walking home…until she runs into a single dad WHO IS LITERALLY KATE IN MALE FORM. He even guesses that she’s Babe Ruth Bader-Ginsberg on his first try. Together, they call the cops on Steve’s party.

Is there a future romance here? What happened to the potential of a Kate-Tommy hook-up? So many questions!

Lines of the Night

“I’m going to inspect the candy for some razorblades, and then I’m gonna check into hotel sweatpants, and then I’m gonna fall asleep, probably with a candy wrapper stuck to my face.” – Kate

“It is a sad day when a heterosexual man can’t ride his sister’s bike home from a farmer’s market while holding a seasonal gourd without attracting comments.” – Ben

“I was a night watchman at a doll factory, Kate. Nothing scares me.” – Ben

“It’s like having a super, bad, weird cold, in a dark room in a space shuttle” – Ben, on being high

“When I try to act like a BLT with spicy mustard all over me, I attract big jerks who have really poor taste in sandwiches.” - Kate

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