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'Go On' Recap: Episode 8, 'Videogame, Set, Match'

'Go On' Recap: Episode 8, 'Videogame, Set, Match'
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Welcome back! It’s been a few weeks since we’ve checked in on Ryan King (Matthew Perry) and his merry band of misfit group therapy friends. Between the debates and super-storm Sandy and the election, "Go On" has been on pause. But don’t worry, folks, not much has changed. Oh, except for a new fancy opening sequence that proves, among other things, that George (Bill Cobbs) is nowhere to be found.

Remember George? The blind guy who totally stole the show in the pilot? Yeah. He’s out. Although it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise since George hasn’t been around for the past few weeks. But it seems that no one in Transitions has really noticed. They don’t mention him ever, which is totally weird since they’re all super close. And this week, when Yolanda (Suzy Nakamura) announced she was ready to move on from group, everyone cheered Lauren (Laura Benanti), saying this was her first graduation. Um… what about George? Didn’t he graduate too?

Oh, and that’s not even taking into consideration that other dude who was in the pilot. He left too!

The absence of George isn’t the only inconsistency happening with the group these days. Remember how Owen (Tyler James Williams) loved texting his brother silly photos? And then his brother got into a car accident looking at said photos and ended up in a coma? Well surprise – Owen’s brother is still in a coma, but now it’s because he was in a skiing accident. How about that! It’s a weird plot-point change, considering King and Owen bonded over the whole texting thing in the first place. And the skiing accident totally removes the guilt that Owen was feeling for possibly causing his brother’s accident. But hey, King and Owen don’t seem to mind, so why should we go around pulling strings here?

Well, probably because we care. But as King tells his listeners in the opening scene of this week’s episode, “It’s easy to care about things that matter. I see it as a triumph of the human spirit to be able to care about something so frivolous.”

In King's eyes, the frivolous thing he cares about is his Transitions group. And this week, that care is all focused on Owen. Owen is in a rut. His brother is still in that coma, and Owen can’t seem to get past that. He’s stopped going to school. He plays videogames all the time. And basically, he needs a big brother. King wants to be that big brother, but of course, without getting too involved. (“This is a shallow zone,” he tells Owen. “Don’t climb in with any emotional issues, you’ll crack your head.”) So he gets Owen an internship at his radio show.  

Said internship basically consists of Owen and King sitting around and playing video games (specifically, Halo). Oh, and hanging with guest star Chris Bosh (he’s a basketball player – we looked it up). Clearly that doesn’t get anyone anywhere. So after some pushing from Owen’s mom (“I suggest you find a way to matter or else get the hell out of his life”), King takes Owen to see his brother for the first time since the accident.

At the hospital, Owen asks King to go see his brother for him. He’s scared. King obliges, but halfway through his awkward speech/song to Owen’s brother, Owen’s brother wakes up. Turns out, this wasn’t his brother after all – just some guy sleeping in a hospital bed. Owen was just pranking King. Turns out he misses pulling pranks with his brother. King agrees to do that, and Owen in turn actually goes and visits his real brother. With that kind of progress, he should be graduating from Transitions in no time. (Hopefully with more of a goodbye than George got.)

Oh, which brings us back to Yolanda. See, despite claiming she was cured of her crazy, Yolanda wasn’t really ready to let go of Transitions.  Outside of group, she pined for her group members, begging them to get together until she basically drove them all away. In the end, the group welcomed her back in with open arms. “We’re not just your group – we’re your friends,” said Lauren. “I love you and I’m never going to get better,” Yolanda replied. Oh goodie.

Lines of the Night

“This is how JFK would have felt had he lived to see a man walk on the moon. It’s like the Statue of Liberty if she had stripped for a semester and then dropped out of community college.”  – King, on the hiring of the new kickball girl Kimmy.

“Is this a meeting of the teenage virgin society, because I’d like to talk about something real.” – Anne (Julie White), after too much video game talk.

“Yeah, you know, I can see it. The crazy’s gone from your eyes.” – Danny (Seth Morris) to Yolanda

 “In fairness to us, that sounds awful.” – Sonia (Sarah Baker), on Yolanda’s request for an Alice in Wonderland group Halloween costume.

“Here’s the truth. You are a lot to take. And honey, that’s coming from me.” – Anne, comforting Yolanda.

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