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‘The Mindy Project’ Recap: Episode 4, ‘Halloween’

‘The Mindy Project’ Recap: Episode 4, ‘Halloween’
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Mindy is in search of the great pumpkin. No, not an actual pumpkin; the pumpkin is a metaphor for love, and she needed a 6-year-old to give her the hope she needs. But more on that later.

Mindy is on a morning date with Josh (Tommy Dewey). Remember Josh? The sports attorney she met in the VIP area at the club. A little perturbed by the date’s pre-noon timing, Josh invites Mindy on a night date to the ESPN Halloween party. Though he makes sure to let her know he could invite a model or a 25-year-old Kaitlin.

Danny (Chris Messina) and Jeremy (Ed Weeks) have other Halloween plans, but they’re not telling anyone where they’re going. Jeremy is much better at lying than Danny—he’s much better at a lot of things, we soon find out—and the two meet in the elevator for their “errand.” (Also, there is a shot of Chris Messina and Ed Weeks standing next to each other, and wow! Ed Weeks is about a head taller than Chris Messina. We’ve got a Tom Cruise situation on our hands.)

Bill Hader’s back! As Mindy’s married ex-boyfriend Tom, of course. His was the wedding she ruined in the pilot. She runs into him at the hospital and accidentally slams a swinging door into his face. (Why do hospital doors swing? This seems like a hazard. Is it for dramatic effect? Why would hospitals be looking for more drama?) Tom doesn’t think it was an accidental hit and takes a few precautions to keep Mindy away from him—recording the conversation, asking an orderly to tackle Mindy, etc. But he does leave her with some good advice: “Don’t settle.”

This is all well and good until ex-con nurse Morgan (Ike Barinholtz) needs to see a picture of Tom to picture him and Mindy making love, and when Betsy (Zoe Jarmon) pulls up his Facebook profile, there’s a picture of a sonogram, which Betsy of course mistakes for a ghost. Cue Mindy’s downward spiral.

On the floor of her office, she calls Josh—who looks like a classic jerk checking out babes on his smoke break—and RSVPs to the Halloween party, promising a costume that will blow everyone’s minds. Only problem is, she doesn’t have a costume that fits this description.

Meanwhile, Danny and Jeremy are at the DMV…getting their drivers licenses. Danny wants to finally be a man, and Jeremy just wants to stop carrying around his bulky passport to bars. Danny studies for the written test like it’s the MCAT while Jeremy is totally stress free. They both get the same score on the written portion—though from the praise elicited from the DMV staff, this is not Danny’s first time at the rodeo.

The behind-the-wheel test is a different story. Jeremy turns on the charm and comes out with a perfect score. In an attempt to flirt, Danny runs through a stop sign and crashes into a yard full of Halloween decorations. But Jeremy uses his smooth talking and good looks to help out a pal. (We’re pretty certain even a man as handsome as Ed Weeks could not charm a DMV employee.) Danny takes the test again, and wait for it, Hallmark moment. Jeremy is jealous of Danny because he’s cares, something Jeremy knows nothing about.

Meanwhile, the office staff is helping Mindy find a costume. (Don’t these people have jobs to do?) But the battle of sexy versus funny comes up, and Mindy does not want to be put into a box. She tries some punny costumes, as in puns, such as Tinker Bell Tailor Soldier Spy and Lil Wayne on the Prairie. Her coworkers don’t get it.

Anna Camp makes her weekly phone call appearance as Mindy’s best friend Gwen and has about one line before passing the phone off to her daughter Riley (Avriella Ford). Riley tells Mindy all about “It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and how Linus will never give up waiting for the great pumpkin because “he has hope!” Now Mindy does, too.

Mindy goes with her original costume—Diane from “Cheers”—and meets Josh, who is Inigo Montoya, or “an enlightenment era homosexual.” The only trouble is Josh seems to be cute and funny and they’ve painted him as a jerk though this whole episode. Guess we’ll just have to wait until next week to see if he sticks around.

Lines of the Night

“I’m just saying it’s a hot ticket. Last year I took a model.” —Josh on the ESPN Halloween party
“Well, lucky for you, I was featured in my college admissions brochure holding a test tube. So I guess you have a thing for models.” —Mindy

“I need a picture of this Tom guy. Because I’m trying to imagine you making love and I’m just seeing you climbing up on a giant question mark.” —Morgan

“That DMV clerk is dressed like a vampire for Halloween. I bet on Halloween actual monsters dress up as DMV workers.” —Dr. Jeremy Reed

“You charmed a scantron sheet?” —Dr. Danny Castellano on how Jeremy passed the driver’s test

“Always yield to spiders.” —Jeremy after Danny fails his test with cobwebs on the car

Jeremy: “Are you jealous of me?”
Danny: “What? No I’m not jealous of you. Screw you. I’m saying there are things about you I wish I could have.”
Jeremy: “You’re describing jealousy.”

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