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'Ben and Kate' Recap: Episode 2, 'Bad Cop/Bad Cop'

'Ben and Kate' Recap: Episode 2, 'Bad Cop/Bad Cop'
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On this week’s episode of “Ben and Kate” - how much do you want to add a "Plus Eight" - Ben (Nat Faxon) learns to stand up to Maddie (Maggie Elizabeth Jones), and Kate (Dakota Johnson) finds a way to illegally keep Maddie in the school of her choice.

We meet our heroes in Kate’s house. Kate’s mad at Ben because Maddie’s been late to school every day for the past week, and now Kate’s been summoned to meet with the school principal. Ben helpfully reminds Kate – and lets us viewers know – that none of this would have happened if Kate hadn’t lied about their address to get Maddie into school in a different district.

(Their local school, you see, apparently contains drug-sniffing dogs and metal detectors. So Kate lied and said she lived at Tommy’s (Echo Kellum) parents’ address, and now Maddie gets to go to the better school in the better neighborhood, where the children sing songs and there are butterflies and rainbows.)

Oh and just in case you forgot that Kate's friend BJ (Lucy Punch) is a total mess, in this scene we see BJ waking up on the couch, still dressed in her party clothes from last night. Classy. Moving along now.

Next, we learn that Kate is so nervous to meet with the school principal not only because she’s lied about her address, but also because she’s totally afraid of all authority figures, including, like, grocery store cashiers. At the meeting with Principal Feeney (Alan Ruck), Kate proves to be a total psycho, unable to say much else besides creepily repeating her fake address over and over again. For some reason, Principal Feeney still invites her and Ben to the upcoming Back to School night. Ben is really excited, but Kate is totally freaked out. In her inevitable nervousness, will she accidentally let her secret slip?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it’s concluded that Ben is unable to exercise control over Maddie, and that’s why he’s always late getting her to school. In an effort to help his friend toughen up, Tommy arranges for Ben to give tennis lessons to a group of six-year-olds, Maddie included. (It’s super random.) And then Maddie asks Ben to teach her karate and buy her a present, and Ben caves. The real lesson here? Ben needs to stop being such a pushover.

By the way, the present he buys Maddie is a puppy, which is totally not cool because puppies aren’t allowed in Kate’s house under the terms of the lease.

But now it’s time for the excitement: Back to School Night. Kate, predictably, is a total mess, and , again, she can’t stop repeating her fake address. So when Ben, for some reason, invites all the members of the school board back to “his and Kate’s” house for margaritas, you can imagine that’s Kate’s depravity only worsens.

Chaos ensues as Ben and Kate rush to Tommy’s parents’ house and inform them that they’ll have to host an impromptu margarita fiesta. The guests arrive, and there’s some confusion as to why the walls are covered with photos of Tommy – a problem that’s conveniently explained away by BJ, who notes that the photos are actually of Tommy’s dead twin brother/Kate’s ex-boyfriend Tyrone, who died in a tragic boating accident some time ago. So shut up about the photos, okay school board members?!? Problem solved.

But the drama isn’t over. After the stress of the party, Ben spontaneously leaves a voicemail for Principal Feeney, explaining that Kate had lied about their address. Yikes. That means that the next morning, Kate has to go back to the principal’s office and plead her case to keep Maddie in the good school. Surprisingly, Feeney is totally cool with it and agrees to fudge the records, thereby saving Maddie from a lifetime of metal detectors and drug rings. Success!

Oh, and remember the puppy? Ben finally stands up to Maddie, and informs her that the puppy can’t live with them anymore; it has to live with Tommy instead. (Poor Tommy, first a dead twin brother, and now this?). But the important thing here is that Ben learns to put his foot down. And tie up dangling plot lines.

Lines of the Night

“I wanna know that if I’m gonna go ‘make waffles’ with somebody, that you’re not gonna hear me…‘cracking the egg’” – Kate, practicing sexy code words with Ben

“There’s nothing shameful about it. It just means you’re dressed for the next day” – BJ, on walks of shame

“Can you imagine? A 70-year-old guy and me. It’s like a melted candy. It’s disgusting.” – BJ, on the bodies of the old, rich men she’s dated

“They get less time in the yard than convicted murderers.” – Ben, on why students need more recess time

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