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'Vegas' Recap: Episode 4 '(Il)Legitimate'

'Vegas' Recap: Episode 4 '(Il)Legitimate'
Photo Source: Cliff Lipson/CBS

After a week off due to some supposedly important political event where two people yell at each other, we’re back to the stuff that really matters: dead people and gambling. 

Vincent Savino’s (Michael Chiklis) newest plan doesn’t involve an expansion of his own casino, the Savoy, but rather trying to purchase the casino across the street, the Tumbleweed Club. You know the one. It’s right next to the Cactus Lounge and adjacent to the Desert Sand.

The workers at the Tumbleweed threaten to go on strike to bury the casino financially, though it's apparent someone is pulling the strings behind the scenes. One outspoken maid stands up saying they shouldn’t strike until their contract is up. She looks ripe for a killing. And not surprisingly, she gets run over by a Cadillac. Apparently, Savino isn’t the only one who wants the casino. The boys from Milwaukee are in on it too. Damn cheese heads.

Tangent: it’s amazing watching this show just to see who shows up. It’s like someone took an old TV set, shook it up, and then emptied it out into "Vegas." It’s the high school class reunion of scripted television. Oh hey, it’s that guy! And look! I remember that guy!

Meanwhile, while Ralph Lamb (Dennis Quaid) is out dodging Molotov cocktails trying to figure out who killed the maid, Savino is trying to get a deal done. He ends up meeting with the Milwaukee boys and seemingly gets something worked out with a nice, firm handshake. But, a handshake doesn’t mean what it used to, and they try to gun Savino down. He manages to escape, but not completely unscathed. He's got some scratches and and bruises to show for 15 bullet holes in his car. When Lamb asks about what happened, Savino says, "I fell down." To a casual, unknowing observer, it almost sounds like Savino got too lippy with the Mrs. back at home.

But, this wouldn’t be a crime solving show if the boys didn’t do a little crime solvin’. The maid was getting $500 a month from her estranged father to keep it a secret that he was in fact her dad, as she was the product of infidelity. Another maid caught wind of this, didn’t think it was fair, and decided to blackmail her. Eventually, she got so fed up with it, she just decided to run her over with her car. A completely rational reaction. Case closed, and the cowboys head home to do some more ranching.

Finally, we get what we’ve all been waiting for in this mob-inspired drama: a coordinated killing set to some classic Rat Pack music. Savino’s men make waste to the Milwaukee crew and throw them in the back of a trunk, all while Dean Martin croons “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head?” Vegas!

Number of men Ralph Lamb beats up in this episode: ZERO! What is happening? This show is losing its integrity.

 Lines of the night:

“Junkies need money … all the time.” – Ralph Lamb on junkie theory.

“Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward.” – Savino on dance steps. 

“You lied to us Mr. Paltry. You lied. You withheld information.” – Ralph Lamb explaining the meaning of “lying.”

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