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    In Defense of Actors

    Dear casting director, have mercy on us. Our life is hard. It requires us to give up a normal schedule, most weekends and family events, financial security, loves who get tired of our irregular hours, sanity, stability, and sometimes carbs.

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    How To Catch a Casting Director’s Eye

    So we got the first step—be interesting, be fascinating. But what is an "interesting look"? What makes a headshot fascinating across the board?

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    Why Your Representation Needs You To Network

    KPA manages talent for films, TV, theater, and commercials. Shields says it's important that casting directors know reps as well as they know talent.

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    4 Secrets to Voiceover Acting

    Not a week goes by when an actor-friend doesn't ask me about how to break into voiceovers. So when I sat down with Andy Roth for his episode of "Actor's Next Level," I knew I had to get all his secrets!

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    Tell the Story To Book the Job

    While interviewing casting director Duncan Stewart, whose cast the upcoming Broadway revival of "Pippin," I was really struck by what he said was the number one reason someone books the job.

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    VIDEO: Web Series Aims to Guide Actors to Their 'Next Level'

    Created and hosted by actor Jewel Elizabeth, "Actor's Next Level" offers one-on-one video interviews with top casting directors and industry pros.