Alfred Hitchcock

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  • Interview

    Finding the Funny Bone in ‘The 39 Steps’

    Director Maria Aitken brings the Tony-winning Alfred Hitchcock parody hit back to New York, and reveals the remarkably specific skills required of its cast.

  • News

    And The Oscar Goes To...

    This week we can’t wait to: hear the end of awards season with the 86th Oscars; crack the “voiceover code” at the Museum of the Moving Image; catch the opening of “Harmony”; watch the near complete Hitchcock repertoire; and see live readings of “Stand-Off at Hwy #37.”

  • Advice

    Standing Ovation: Claude Rains in 'Notorious'

    New York blogger Diana Bertolini on Claude Rains' performance as Alexander Sebastian in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1946 film "Notorious."

  • Reviews

    The Softer Side of the Master of Suspense

    If "Hitchcock" relies too much on famous people impersonating other famous people, there's nonetheless a redeeming core of cinephilia at work.

  • News

    'Rear Window' to Be Adapted for Broadway

    The original source material for Alfred Hitchcock's classic film "Rear Window" will be adapted for Broadway by actor Tim Guinee, producer Charlie Lyons, and director Jay Russell.