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    UPDATE: L.A. Pilot Season

    It seems California’s runaway productions aren’t running so fast. According to the nonprofit organization FilmL.A., SoCal has lost little ground to other states doling out tax credits like candy (i.e. Georgia, Louisiana).

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    Amazon Sets Premiere Dates for 5 New Pilots

    It’s pilot season again for Amazon Studios, which has set premiere dates for five of its newest projects.

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    Cheyenne Jackson and John Goodman Go Digital

    With the success of Netflix’s “House of Cards” and high production values, well-known actors such as Jackson, Goodman, Jeffrey Tambor, and Mark Consuelos are signing up for original online series.

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    Study Scripts and Research Roles with Amazon Kindle

    Ereaders like the Kindle are, hands down, my favorite consumer technology products. Now Amazon has improved its already excellent Kindle lineup.

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    Fox Gets Into New Media Game With WIGS

    A partnership between the network and YouTube’s female-centric channel—which attracts actors such as Julia Stiles, America Ferrera, and Maura Tierney—could indicate the future of programming.

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    Amazon Studios Announces 6 New Pilots

    Keep up with the six new shows coming out of Amazon Studios so you can choose which get picked up for a full series production! Upcoming projects will star Christina Ricci, Shaquille O’Neal, Gavin Stenhouse, Max Martini, and Yvonne Strahovski.

  • Interview

    10 Questions With…Saffron Burrows

    The “Mozart in the Jungle” actor talks to Backstage about the one topic you probably shouldn’t bring up in the audition room, the lengths to which she once went to prepare for a role (it involves trespassing), and her plan B if acting doesn’t work out.

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    Taking Ageism (and IMDb) to Court

    With the court date set on the lawsuit brought by an actor whose age was revealed by IMDb, the issue of Hollywood’s youth obsession continues to infuriate and frighten actors.

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    The IMDb Actor Age Suit Goes Forward

    The civil suit launched by Huong Hoang against IMDb’s parent company, Amazon, goes to court in Seattle April 8, with the actor’s lawyers saying the case is not about money.

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    Why Alona Tal Left Her ‘Guts on the Floor’

    As Jocelyn Harris on Amazon’s buzzy “Hand of God,” Israeli actress Alona Tal’s American breakthrough is fast approaching. Daughter-in-law to series anti-hero vigilante Pernell Harris (Ron Pearlman), Jocelyn is a strong-willed rape survivor whose husband is on life support after attempted suicide.