Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop

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    How To Embrace Your 'Type'

    The business is built on “types.” And you’re going to get work according to your type. But we often have so many judgments about those parts of ourselves that we exclude ourselves from even being considered for the job.

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    Why Being a Non-Conformist Is Essential To Acting

    Being a non-conformist is not about you putting something on top of who you already are. It’s allowing your essential nature to come forward.

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    How To Clear Your Head As An Actor

    If you want peace, equanimity, clarity, and access to wide-open spaces in your mind, you have to cut through the clutter, the white noise, and the mental static and step into the empty space that actually originates thought.

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    Be Open To Being Yourself

    Start with yourself. If you start anywhere else, it’s a false start, and you’ll just be forced to go back to the starting line and begin again and again.

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    3 Steps To Stopping Negative Thoughts

    Acting teacher Anthony Meindl offers a three-step process to stopping negative thoughts and living the life you want.

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    How To Use Your Fears and Anxieties To Unleash Creativity

    Birthing creativity from the idea phase into the actual application and expression of form isn’t easy. It’s hard and scary and weird and risky and crunchy and ugly and sometimes it yields amazing results and sometimes it doesn’t.