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    Top College Summer Training Programs

    Backstage highlights performing arts programs at American Conservatory Theatre, Atlantic Acting School, Maggie Flanigan Studio, the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, and Yale.

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    Why Auditioning Is Not Acting

    I truly believe auditioning is a separate animal from acting. Acting is what you get to do once you get the part. Auditioning is something else entirely.

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    The Secret To Great Film Acting

    Theater-trained actors, with limited or no on-camera experience, tend to reveal too much of their work externally. “Less is more” is never truer than when it comes to acting for film.

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    What To Leave Behind In On-Camera Auditions

    This is why a greater awareness of "what you leave behind" is so crucially important. If you have little or no on-camera experience, you probably have no idea if what you do in the room works on tape.

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    What Are the Stakes of Your Audition?

    Ah, the odds. The chances. The stakes. To most actors starting out, auditioning can seem like a daunting, terrifying, and insurmountable responsibility. A contest. A game of luck and chance.

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    Taming the Animal That is Auditioning

    Casting director Todd Thaler gives actors tips on how to prepare for auditions, and how to "desensitize" yourself to the process.