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    26 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get the Part

    Since this is one of the most frequently asked questions I receive and the one that hangs you up the most and twists you into knots as an actor and a creative being, let’s get into it.

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    The Demo Reel Secret Nobody Told You

    "The secret about demo reels" evokes an air of mystery, doesn’t it? But a secret is just a piece of information that you don’t know yet, and former VP of Casting at HBO Amy Jo Berman is gonna spill it for you here!

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    Don’t Show Your Underwear At An Audition

    Let’s talk about your underwear for a sec. I know what you’re thinking. My underwear? Isn’t that a little personal? And what does it have to do with auditions anyway? How can this conversation possibly help my acting career?

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    How To Not Doubt Yourself After An Audition

    Amy Jo Berman, former Vice President of Casting at HBO, share advice for how actors can stay positive after auditions.