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  • Interview

    6 Questions With...Matthew Gray Gubler

    The “Criminal Minds” actor chats with Backstage about everything from getting his SAG-AFTRA card to his thorough preparation for a role (hint: it involves a lot of backstory!).

  • News

    38 Famous Actors’ Audition Prep Tricks

    Preparing for an audition can be a daunting task. Luckily, some of the busiest actors in the industry spoke with Backstage this year about what they do to prepare for an audition. If you’re stuck at where to start, or are simply looking for some new tips, check out ...

  • Interview

    9 Questions With...John Gallagher Jr.

    Backstage chats with “The Newsroom” dreamboat and Tony-winning rock star about his upcoming film “The Heart Machine,” terrible catering skills, and biggest life-changing experiences.

  • Interview

    9 Questions With...Ricky Gervais

    The actor-comedian-writer-director talks about his role in “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb,” writing his original Netflix series “Derek,” and why, after all his success, he still feels like he’s getting away with something.

  • Interview

    7 Questions With…Emily Osment

    Having grown up onscreen, “Young and Hungry” star Emily Osment discusses her advice for prepping an audition, her biggest acting crush, and her most meaningful performance to date.

  • Interview

    9 Questions With... Marton Csokas

    The New Zealand–born film and theater actor chats about his new film “The Equalizer,” opposite Denzel Washington, his inspirations, and favorite day job (a flower auction!).

  • Interview

    7 Questions With…Ian Harding

    Returning to “Pretty Little Liars” as everyone’s favorite teacher, Ezra Fitz, Ian Harding chats about his acting crushes, using his “PLL” fame to help out his fellow creatives, and the one thing he wishes he’d known before he started acting.

  • Interview

    7 Questions With...David Giuntoli

    “Grimm’s” leading man discusses which of his performances has left a lasting mark on him, why he thinks Tony and Carmela Soprano are the best depiction of marriage ever on television, and more!

  • Interview

    8 Questions With...Toby Stephens

    The British actor can be seen as Captain Flint in the second season of Starz’s pirate drama “Black Sails,” debuting Jan. 24. He talks to Backstage about the arduous filming, the strange business of acting, and his worst survival jobs.

  • Interview

    6 Questions With…Isabella Rossellini

    The actor and model known for her iconic roles in “Blue Velvet” and “Death Becomes Her” chats with Backstage about her acting crush, her worries about living in her famous mother’s shadow, and her most challenging role.