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    No Footage for a Demo Reel? Here’s Your Solution!

    When an actor sets out to finally get their reel together, he or she presumably has some footage to use, and just needs it edited together, right? You’d think.

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    3 Reasons a Theater Degree Is Important

    We need a new and more effective way of talking about the value and power of a degree in the performing arts. Here are three reasons why a degree in theater is important.

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    How Actors Really Get Into Character

    The journalist and sociology researcher, Malcolm Gladwell, does a lot of interesting stuff. His best-selling books explore cultural phenomena, the science behind social shifts, and how our environment shapes and influences us in innumerable ways.

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    'Switched At Birth' Actors Talk TV's First All-Sign Language Episode and Roles For Deaf Actors

    The television show "Switched At Birth" is already known for having entire scenes in American Sign Language (ASL). But on March 4, the series will make history with an episode entirely in ASL.

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    The Color You Should Wear for On-Camera Auditions

    When you audition on camera the first thing that anyone sees is the color you're wearing. Wear something depressing, annoying, or threatening, and no matter how brilliant your performance, they are going to be affected by the color first and the performance second.

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    How to Find the Perfect Day Job

    Actors need to "get real" about what it actually takes to make it as an actor. I’ve waxed philosophic about training to the point of being an expert, and making a real commitment of time and energy. So, you can guess my position on day jobs.

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    What To Do Before You Get An Agent

    The common myth floating around out there for actors is that as soon as you finish your training, you need an agent. And the next step is that he/she will get you auditions for all those yummy, high-paying starring roles in films, Broadway shows, and primetime TV series.

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    10 Sacrifices an Actor Makes

    If you’re lucky, you can earn a very good living at acting. But there are also some sacrifices that an actor makes as she pursues a career.

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    10 Tips for a Winning Audition

    What separates professionals from wannabe talent show prodigies isn't inspiration. It's preparation and execution. Take control of your audition with these ten helpful tips to improve your skills.

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    What Non-Members Need to Know About SAG-AFTRA

    What not-quite-card-carrying performers need to know about SAG-AFTRA and how to get in.