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    Make $750 for 1 Day of Spokesperson Work + More Paid Performance Gigs

    No, this isn’t too good to be true: a spokesperson is needed for a single day of shooting, and pay is set at $750. We also have a feature film paying $650/day, a voiceover opportunity that’ll set you up with $400, and more!

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    1 Way to Avoid Audition Room Desperation

    When the stakes are too high, auditions can turn from an opportunity to the only opportunity. Actor and Columbia professor Paul Schneider (“Rules Don’t Apply”) shares with Backstage readers how they can avoid this faux pas.

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    Top MFA Programs for Actors in NYC

    New York City is a dream destination for many actors on the rise, and that goes for those pursuing higher education, as well. Here are some of the top MFA acting programs in New York to help you get started on your collegiate search.

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    5 Film Schools with Strong Programs

    For Backstage readers thinking about adding some new tools to their box, here are some great film schools you might want to consider!

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    Columbia’s Theater Productions Move Downtown

    MFA thesis productions from Columbia University School of the Arts’ Theatre Program will be moving to new off-campus venues, including 3LD Art and Technology Center, the Connelly Theater, and La MaMato, to be closer to the heart of Off-Broadway.

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    Columbia University MFA Students to Get Equity Status

    Thanks to a new agreement, students of the Theatre Program at Columbia University’s School of the Arts and the Classic Stage Company (CSC) will be eligible to join Equity.