Craig Wallace

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    How To Act With Your Entire Body (Part 2)

    In part one of this series, we discussed the importance of being a vibrant, energetic presence in your work even when you are required to be perfectly still. We also introduced a simple technique to help you feel your choices in your body.

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    How To Act With Your Entire Body (Part 1)

    Many actors who I start to see in class or in casting scenarios are what I call “neck-up actors.” They may have made strong choices and on some level be doing good work, but it’s all being produced from the neck up.

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    Why and How To Keep an Audition Notebook

    Here’s a very simple suggestion for how take good care of yourself after an audition: Keep a notebook just for your auditions. Have it with you at the audition, and when it’s over, find a quiet place to reflect on and examine the experience you just had.