Dallas Travers

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    Why It's Important to Share Your Acting Career Goals

    A lot of actors shy away from talking about their career goals. They believe that they must protect their dreams from the naysayers who warn them of how difficult the business and how "realistic" you must be when it comes to your career pursuits.

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    3 Steps To Pitching Yourself to Agents

    Eventually, you will need your dream team in place if you want your career to really soar. Spring is typically is the best time to seek representation. So, let me share three ways you can begin your pursuit without wasting time and money.

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    3 Steps to Creating Accountability as an Actor

    Every successful person understands the power of partnership, the value of accountability, and the necessity of support. As an actor, one easy and cost-free way to get the support you need is by forming a mastermind group.

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    3 Simple Steps To Writing a Terrific Twitter Bio

    A terrific Twitter bio is possible when you rely on key words, showcase your acting credibility, create a connection by sharing something personal, and using some creative editing techniques.

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    How to Invest Wisely in Your Acting Career

    If you’re like most actors, you want to put everything you can toward classes, subscriptions, and events. However, most don’t actually have a system in place designed to help you avoid over-spending so you can put your money where it matters most.

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    4 Ways To Give Thanks All Year Long

    So why not step out of the status quo by expressing your gratitude all year long instead? That way, your thank-you will carry a deeper meaning while standing out from the holiday crowd.