David Cross

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    Backstage's Year in Advice: 21 2013 Tips From Established Actors

    From simple things like being prepared and trusting your instincts, to just not being an asshole (actual advice from David Cross), every tidbit is valuable, and every tidbit—we hope—has served you well, and helped bring you professional success in 2013.

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    10 Famous Actors From Atlanta

    Atlanta is one of the hottest emerging markets in the film and television industry, and an amazing place for up-and-comers to develop their craft and seek out big breaks. Do you know which of your favorite performers originally called Atlanta home? Here are 10 awesome actors from the ATL.

  • Interview

    5 Tips From David Cross on Having a Scene-Stealing Career

    In his latest film, “It’s a Disaster,” he manages to stand out in a cast that includes Julia Stiles and America Ferrara while doing something new—playing the straight man. Cross spoke to us about how he built a career as a scene stealer.

  • Reviews

    'It's a Disaster' Is Far From One

    Endlessly quotable and hilariously deadpan, this end-of-the-world movie benefits from its cast—including Julia Stiles, David Cross, and America Ferrera—and its characters’ seemingly endless variations on navel-gazing selfishness.

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    Best of the Week Ahead: March 14-20

    Opening night of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” on Broadway, a conversation with comedian and actor David Cross, a free screening of David Mamet’s new film “Phil Spector,” and dance company Ultima Vez and its “What the Body Does Not Remember” are the things we’re looking forward to this ...