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Erika Shannon

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  • Advice

    How to Prep for Fall Auditions

    Backstage Expert and creator of Don't Dodge the Dance Call Erika Shannon offers some stellar organizational tips for the upcoming busy fall season. Add getting organized to your to-do list!

  • Advice

    The Top Qualities That Will Book You Work

    Do you possess the qualities that will help you book work over and over again?

  • Advice

    7 Things Your Dance Partner Will Thank You For

    Technical skill is great when it comes to partnered dancing—but there’s a lot more to sharing moves than just rhythm and flair. According to Backstage Expert Erika Shannon (Don’t Dodge the Dance Call), there are also seven basic requirements to working with someone else body to body ...

  • Advice

    3 Tricks to Save for Acting Class

    Acting class is imperative, so don’t let your finances be an excuse. Here are three ways to easily save for your training!

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    1 Quick Post-Rehearsal Stretch

    Backstage Expert Erika Shannon (Don’t Dodge the Dance Call) shows you a quick stretch that will help keep you in tip-top shape after auditions and rehearsals.

  • Advice

    How to Prepare for Tomorrow’s Audition Today

    Minimize the stress of an audition day by preparing beforehand. The best ways to prepare for an audition in advance include packing your bag the night before, geting a good night's sleep—and a few other things that come highly recommended by Backstage Expert Erika Shannon (Don’t Dodge ...

  • Advice

    Important Stretches for Any Dancer

    Yes, stretching can be deeply dull and the most obvious thing to skip over. But it’s also one of the most vital aspects of any physical activity—particularly dancing in an audition situation. That’s why we asked Backstage Expert Erika Shannon (Don’t Dodge the Dance Call) to ...

  • Advice

    2 Quick Fixes for Dance Audition Jitters

    Nerves can overcome anyone and derail even the audition for which you prepped extensively. Backstage Expert Erika Shannon (Don’t Dodge the Dance Call) shares a few tips and tricks to relax enough so that you can put all that pre to good use!

  • Advice

    Things Take Time: A Pep Talk for the Down and Out

    Feeling discouraged lately? Remember that you’re not any less talented just because success doesn’t happen overnight!

  • Advice

    3 Simple Stretches to Increase Flexibility

    Staying flexible is important—and not just in the way you think about your work and career. That’s why we asked Backstage Expert Erika Shannon to demonstrate a few simple stretches to keep us all loose and ready to dance!