Esai Morales

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    SAG-AFTRA Presidential Field Narrows Ahead of Ballot Mailing

    Hours before SAG-AFTRA unveiled its full candidate list, presidential candidate Paul Edney announced he's supporting rival Esai Morales for the union's top job. Morales is the best-known candidate in the field other than incumbent Ken Howard. With Edney's backing, it's now a three-way contest between Howard ...

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    SAG-AFTRA Unveils Full Candidate List

    SAG-AFTRA unveiled the list of candidates running in its first post-merger national election, including a presidential field that features three challengers to Co-President Ken Howard.  Paul Edney, Marilyn Monrovia and Esai Morales are vying to unseat Howard, who is seeking a third term at the helm.    The candidates ...

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    Will SAG-AFTRA Declare War on Casting Directors?

    Esai Morales hinted at a possible showdown with the Casting Society of America if elected president in SAG-AFTRA’s upcoming election.