Felicity Huffman

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    Successful Actors Talk About Their Training

    Backstage asked prominent actors to talk about where and why they trained. Most studied a variety of techniques, and most say they choose from among those techniques to suit the needs of each role.

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    5 Currently Casting Texas Projects

    If you’re living in Austin or thinking about moving there, check out these five notices for everything from ABC’s new drama series “American Crime” to short film “Booty Call of Cthulhu.”

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    Financing Your Film and TV Dreams

    L.A.’s Atlantic Acting School is offering a scholarship for actors looking to break into Hollywood.

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    Ed Begley Jr. Is Miscast in David Mamet's 'November'

    Center Theatre Group’s production of “November,” David Mamet’s 2007 political satire, is awfully harmless. Felicity Huffman shines, but Ed Begley Jr. lacks the needed manic danger.

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    2015 L.A. Film Fest Announces Winners

    The winners for the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival have been announced including awards for new indie films starring John Leguizamo, William H. Macy, and Felicity Huffman, a Spirit Award for Lily Tomlin, and recognition for new Hollywood directors and actors.