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    #ICastIt Rodney Ferrer on Casting the Diversity of New York City

    Rodney Ferrer ("Nation") talks about casting the diverse world of New York City for his series "City of Mercy."

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    SWAMP: Bringing Houston Media to the Masses

    Michelle Mower, president-elect of Houston’s SWAMP—the Southwest Alternate Media Project—talks about the programs it offers and the role it plays not just for filmmakers but audiences as well.

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    Austin WebFest: Where Filmmakers Get Seen

    The second annual Austin Webfest has already come into its own—this year’s event, running from June 24 to 27, 2015 in Austin, Texas, will not only feature a host of quality Web series, but also boasts a panel with machinima heroes Rooster Teeth, and a distribution deal of ...

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    Backstage Launches New Talent Database

    Backstage has launched a brand-new Talent Database to help casting directors and content creators find talent for their projects. Agents and managers can also use the system to scout for talent to represent. The Talent Database features more than 90,000 actors, models, and performers...

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    14 Great Regional Film Schools

    While many of the country’s top film schools can be found on either coast, more and more graduates are coming out of top regional programs with the skills (and contacts!) to start working right away. If you’re considering a career in film or media, here are 14 regional ...

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    Make it Reel: From Actor to Filmmaker

    Find out what the multi hyphenate buzz is all about as Luke Barnett and Ariana Bernstein share how they're creating their dream roles by making their own content.

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    5 Film Schools with Great Summer Programs

    Continue your education during the warm months with abbreviated courses in filmmaking at schools such as NYU Tisch, New York Film Academy, Vancouver Film School, School of Creative and Performing Arts, and Columbia College Hollywood.

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    Mixbit App Remixes Mobile Filmmaking

    Mixbit does exactly what the name implies—it allows the you to mix, match, and edit various clips at your leisure.

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    Easy Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Elements 12

    Adobe Premiere Elements 12 is a slight upgrade from Version 11, and will instantly make your videos look professional.

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    4 Ways To Save Time in Post-Production

    Much like any process in any industry, taking sensible steps to organize and economize will go a long way in helping you save time and money. Here are a few tips to help save time in the post-production process.