Ginger and Rosa

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    How To Audition Internationally

    Casting director Heidi Levitt shares how actors and casting directors can work internationally.

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    Why Casting the 'Old-Fashioned' Way Is Important

    I often feel hemmed in by the business of having to package films with star talent and completely bypass the casting process to get films made. Too rarely do we get the opportunity to open the casting process up like we did and truly dig deep to find the best ...

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    Elle Fanning Talks About 'Ginger and Rosa' (Video)

    With Oscar nominations being announced on Thursday, it's a good time to revisit dark horse candidate Elle Fanning, who turned in a beautiful, critically-heralded performance in Sally Potter's "Ginger and Rosa" last year.

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    SLIDESHOW: New York Film Festival Breakouts

    Amid awards-season bait such as “Life of Pi” are several smaller films worth your time, including “Frances Ha,” a new Alain Resnais, and Elle Fanning in “Ginger and Rosa.”