Jackie Apodaca

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    Find the Facts To Flesh Out a Role

    Like objectives and actions, facts can be a simple way to flesh out a role or save a floundering scene. A good script offers a number of pre-set facts—or given circumstances—from which to draw. While some actors stop there, facts have more to yield than what most plays ...

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    Do Actors Have An Obligation To Lose Weight?

    As actors constantly on the hunt for work, we’d be wise to remember that we are selling not only our talent and abilities but an entire package—teeth, skin, cellulite, et al.

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    3 Crucial Parts of Any Audition

    Auditions have three crucial parts. Most actors understand the first two—preparation and execution—but many forget the third. Often overlooked but extremely helpful, willful amnesia is something it may benefit you to cultivate.

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    How To Determine Your Objective as an Actor

    Objectives (what your character wants) can’t come alive in a fog of thoughts and feelings. Only by actively pursuing your objective—playing actions—does your character, and the script, come alive.

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    Own Your Accomplishments and Career Milestones

    The real work of your early career is trying to land one tiny job after another, and it can be impossible to explain your résumé on the spot. Instead, you might find yourself doling out excuses and undermining your own success.

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    As an Actor, You Are Your Own Boss

    Whether prepared or no, you steer the ship. Do you push yourself as hard as you’d push those you love? Would you let them go to the audition late, under-prepared, and underdressed? Would you stand in their way?