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    Take Action and Don’t Worry About the Outcome

    “Take action” should be a guiding rule in all of our lives. We all have good ideas now and then, and we all have second-guessed them when it comes time for us to actually do something about them.

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    Are You Ready For Representation?

    You should never pursue representation until you are confident that you are able to compete in the major areas of the industry: Film, TV and Theater. If you are too green, casting directors may remember, and your representative will have a hard time getting a second chance for you to ...

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    7 Things To Do Every Morning

    As we recently entered 2013, I offer my suggestions to add to your New Year’s resolutions. My list of "7 Things To Do Every Morning" will help you to run your business more effectively and be more efficient and productive.

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    How To Handle Rejection

    Rejection is a big topic for actors. You may feel rejected each time you audition for a role and do not get the part. You may take this personally, and call this “rejection.”

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    How To Get Discovered

    If you clicked on this article in hopes of actually finding the answer to immediate stardom, you may want to take a good look at yourself and why you are still trying to reach for this unattainable fantasy.