Joseph Pearlman

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    How To Handle Bullying As an Actor

    Essentially, the bully targets you for what you represent—often the qualities he will never have. Just as some say, “imitation is the highest form of flattery,” so is bullying, as it comes quite often from a place of pathological jealousy.

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    How To Find Your Acting Sweet Spot

    Your sweet spot is the specific behavior you propel into a character that’s singular to you. Your ability to recognize it and then radiate it to your audience is your launching pad for tangible artistic success.

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    6 Steps To Giving a Memorable Performance

    Josephy Pearlman shares elements that are always present in every piece of “great” acting.

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    Compete For Every Role You're Right For

    When an actor is truly right for a role, a well-thought-out, well-timed “appropriate pitch” can make all the difference in that actor getting the opportunity to compete for the role.

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    3 Steps To Booking The Roles You Deserve

    I like to call what Perlman is describing as one’s "tip." A tip is the unique fingerprint [or mark] of personality you leave on your performance. Here's how to make your mark on a performance and book the roles you deserve.