June Diane Raphael

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  • Interview

    June Diane Raphael Has a Hit 'Ass'

    The very funny Raphael dishes to Backstage about her Sundance buddy comedy with Casey Wilson "Ass Backwards," taking classes in clowning, and the walk of shame procedural she and Wilson are working on.

  • News

    Web Series ‘Burning Love’ Coming to TV on E!

    Online installments of Ben Stiller and Ken Marino’s “Bachelor” parody series will be edited into seven 30-minute television episodes, premiering Feb. 25.

  • News

    4 Podcasts to Inspire and Entertain You

    From “How Did This Get Made?” to “Denzel Washington Is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period,” we are living in a golden age of actors and comedians taking control of their own careers and putting their best foot forward.

  • Advice

    June Diane Raphael Gives Her Younger Self Real Talk

    The “Grace and Frankie” star admonishes her previous self for obsessing over her audition outfit, constantly comparing herself to others, and other things that all actors should stop doing!