Justina Vail

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    Stop Fighting Your Success

    I can't count how many actors I've coached, at every career level, who come in telling me they’re doing all the right things, yet their vision of the future has been just that—a vision of the future. It hasn’t had the chance to become a ...

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    How To Handle Competition

    Being competitive doesn’t help you get the part. In fact, for most actors, it’s an uncomfortable, self-sabotaging experience. What happens to your mind, emotions, and physiology in a competitive state takes you out of the moment and away from your power.

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    Why Not To Get Attached to Audition Outcomes

    When you’ve got an audition and you’re attached to an outcome of any kind - saying your lines a certain way, impressing the room, booking the role - you’re going to get into a state that’s more likely to sabotage the outcome than make it happen.

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    3 Ways To Create a Path to Success in the New Year

    In the thirty years I’ve been in the film business, I’ve discovered some crucial steps needed for the journey to be successful. Here are three simple ways to create a clearer path to success in 2013.

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    Use Your Fear To Fuel You

    So, how do you engage your fear? The typical response is to try not to feel afraid. This usually makes it worse because of the increased conflict with your own being. The key with fear is how you "frame" it, i.e. what meaning you put on fear.