Kelly Chambers

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  • Virgo: Actor Horoscope for March

    This month, relationships and creative collaboration are the answer to your soul’s call, though you may have a little more edge than usual.

  • Leo: Actor Horoscope for March

    You’ll get a pretty clear sense of what needs to be done, if anything, to plug any leaks in your financial boat and keep your earning on the rise.

  • Sagittarius: Actor Horoscope for March

    A new world of clarity, compassion, and inner connection has cracked opened and has you excited about feeling into fresh modes of expression.

  • Aquarius: Actor Horoscope for March

    Aquarians don’t like to be pegged, so this a great time to showcase your kaleidoscopic abilities and liberate yourself from others expectations.

  • Gemini: Actor Horoscope for March

    Your role is coming into clearer focus, and likely the people around you may know better of your talents than you’re able to see yourself, so listen up!

  • Scorpio: Actor Horoscope for March

    A magnetic sheen has been following you around, putting you at the center of an interesting soap opera with all the requisite plot twists.

  • Taurus: Actor Horoscope for March

    You’re a powerful magnet for people who will aid and abet artistic goals this month!

  • Libra: Actor Horoscope for March

    You’ve been turning over a new leaf and your soul thanks you for all efforts you’ve made to contact your inner zen.

  • Aries: Actor Horoscope for March

    There’s a flurry of new growth sprouting vociferously from various facets of your life this month, with relationships on the marquee.