Kenté Scott

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    5 Things to Do After Booking Your First Gig

    Once you book that first job and finish crying tears of joy, what do you do next? I’m glad that you asked.

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    4 Ways to Promote Yourself On a Budget

    In today’s Hollywood, getting noticed is more important than ever: if you are out of sight, you’re most likely out of mind. But another great thing about working in today’s Hollywood is that it’s easier than ever to promote yourself on a limited budget. Here’s ...

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    10 Comedy Terms Every Actor Should Know

    Comics perform well on sitcoms and films because most of what is asked for in the script they do on stage nightly. As an actor, you should be just as knowledgeable and prepared as your comedian counterparts.

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    5 Tips for Being on Set With a Superstar

    Working on set with a superstar can be exhilarating, but there are a few rules to follow. Backstage Actor and comedian Kenté Scott offers five tips to make sure it goes smoothly.