Kevin Bacon

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    Amazon Announces Upcoming Comedy Slate

    Kathryn Hahn and “The Tick” will be taking over Amazon Aug. 19, as a part of the streaming platform’s new half-hour comedy slate.

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    Standing Ovation: Tom Cruise in ‘A Few Good Men’

    Previously TV’s Sarah D. Bunting makes the case for Cruise’s performance in the movie that is now only remembered for Jack “You can’t handle the truth” Nicholson.

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    Best of the Week Ahead: May 30–June 5

    Kevin Bacon at NYC’s Paley Center; Powers Boothe as Jim Jones in the 1980 miniseries “Guyana Tragedy”; “A Midsummer Saturday Night’s Fever Dream” at the Falcon Theatre in Burbank, Calif.; an Allan Dwan retrospective at MoMA; and the National Theatre’s “This House” screening at BAM are what ...