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    Get Unstuck: 3 Tips for a Next-Level Acting Career

    Marketing mentor and Backstage Expert Gwyn Gilliss explains—with the help of an illuminating anecdote—how to get your head out of the mud and get your career on full blast. Trust us—you'll want to learn from her mistakes!

  • How to Breathe Away Your Audition Anxiety

    Acting teacher and Backstage Expert Craig Wallace shares four deep breathing exercises that will help you focus and ace your next audition.

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    How to Keep Your Acting Career on Track

    Marketing mentor and Backstage Expert Gwyn Giliss shares how to maintain control of your career by making the choices that are right for you.

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    Is Your Scene Study Class Holding You Back?

    Backstage Expert and acting coach Joseph Pearlman breaks down ways your acting class could ruin your chances in the audition room.

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    Are You Born With Talent?

    Backstage Experts Joanne Baron and D.W. Brown tackle the age-old question: Can you be born with talent? And if so, how far can it take you in pursuit of an acting career?

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    12 Questions About Your Acting Career Answered

    How do I land an agent? Do I need to attend a prestigious drama school? Is my accent a hinderance? These are questions many actors ask themselves when first starting their careers. Backstage Expert Gwyn Gilliss answers them and nine more!

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    The Benefits of Self-Awareness

    No one jumps out of a plane without carefully working step by step through the process. Backstage Expert Jamison Haase explains why you should increase your self-awareness before an audition.

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    How to Create a 3-D Character in Auditions

    Acting teacher and Backstage Expert Craig Wallace takes us deeper into the mind (and heart, and body) of the auditioning actor intent on demonstrating a fleshed-out, human character.

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    5 Essential Ingredients to Acting Success

    Backstage Experts and acting teachers Joanne Baron and D.W. Brown know that much more goes into a successful acting career than just talent and luck—like these five key ingredients!

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    How to Stay Present in Auditions

    Acting teacher and Backstage Expert Craig Wallace lays out a few different ways that you can battle nerves during an audition and remain grounded enough to deliver your best work every time.