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    LEGOLAND Seeks Performers for Summer Season

    The LEGOLAND California Resort is searching for professional singers, actors, dancers, costumed characters, and improv performers for its upcoming summer season.

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    9 Chances to Land an Audition

    Projects are casting all over the country and whether you’re a screen or stage actor looking for background work or a leading role in an Off-Off-Broadway production, Backstage casting notices have you covered. Check out these nine to see which you’d like to audition for!

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    8 Upcoming Acting Opportunities

    Use the downtime between shifts at your survival job to look for some new audition opportunities! Here are eight projects seeking actors located all over the country including a pilot, films, and LEGOLAND!

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    Making the Case For Seasonal Employment

    "Most of our performers use this as their day job while performing in other theater companies as well” says Cory Warren, the development director for the Garden Theatre in Florida and previously in casting and production at Disney World and Universal Studios.