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    3 Steps To Financing Your Acting Career

    Becoming a quality professional actor is expensive. The cost of classes, headshots, marketing, demo reels, scripts, theater company dues, showcases, union initiation fees, subscriptions, and other professional expenses really add up.

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    How To Slate For The Best First Impression

    Your slate tells those viewing your audition if you are “cast-able." Much of that decision to watch past your slate is based on whether your physicality fits their specs and whether the viewing public will identify with you or aspire to be you.

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    Are Acting Workshops or Scene-Study Classes Right for You?

    Each actor needs to find the technique that is a fit for how they process information and for their creativity. This is a very important decision. The best way to determine which is the right approach for you is to do your research.

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    How To Find Your Type and Book Work

    Carolyne Barry shares practical steps to finding your acting type and booking more work.

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    How to Find a Good Acting Teacher

    Michael Kostroff advises shopping around for acting teachers until you find one you feel comfortable with and from whom you can learn.