Meisner technique

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    4 Reasons to Study the Meisner Technique in Atlanta

    Grant McGowen, producing artistic director at Pinch ’n’ Ouch Theatre, tells Backstage about his four-level Meisner immersion course at the Atlanta theater.

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    7 Books for the Aspiring Young Actor

    Entering the acting industry can seem like a daunting task, especially for young actors and their parents. Here are seven books that detail everything from audition technique and appropriate monologues, to how to find work and which acting method would work best for your child or teen thespian.

  • Interview

    NYC Readers’ Choice: Ted Bardy Teaches in the Golden Age of TV

    The acting and audition coach talks about the importance of knowing what’s happening outside of your craft, the newfound sense of power actors have, and his flexible approach to the Meisner technique.

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    Acting School and Coach Specialties: Finding the Help You Want

    Robert Cohen, author of various acting books including “Acting Power: The 21st Century Edition,” says when he’s watching an actor, he takes into consideration “their command of a role, their ability to show both great confidence and great confusion, and, of course, their experience, training, discipline, and how these ...

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    Learning to Act How You Please

    A handy primer explaining the Meisner technique, the difference between it and what’s taught at William Esper’s studio, what being Method means, and the Eric Morris System.