Mike Hodge

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    SAG-AFTRA Set to Open ‘United’ Convention

    SAG-AFTRA’s first post-merger national convention kicks off today under the theme “united for our future,” but the four-day event may in fact reveal some divisions within the union’s leadership.

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    N.Y. Local's Mike Hodge Enters EVP Race

    New York Local President Mike Hodge entered the race for SAG-AFTRA's executive vice presidency Friday and has some prominent union officials in his corner. In fact, Ken Howard, the union's national president, is backing Hodge for the position, as is former EVP Ned Vaughn, who resigned from the ...

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    SAG-AFTRA NYC Local Fight Takes Shape

    Roberta Reardon, who currently serves as the union’s national co-president with Ken Howard, formally announced June 30 that she’s challenging Mike Hodge for the presidency of the New York Local, SAG-AFTRA’s second largest.

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    SAG-AFTRA NYC President Hodge Expects Re-election Challenge

    Mike Hodge is expecting a challenger to emerge as he launches his bid for reelection as SAG-AFTRA New York Local president, a source tells Backstage.