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  • Backstage Guides

    How to Get an Acting Agent

    Getting an acting agent can help you kickstart your career. Learn what an agent does, how you can get an agent, and to where to find an agent, plus further reading from Backstage's own experts.

  • Interview

    How to Keep the Actor-Agent Relationship Healthy

    Ken Slevin of CESD Talent Agency offers actors the top tips gleaned from nearly 40 years in the business.

  • Interview

    How to Become a Plus-Size Model

    Co-founder of all-size modeling agency JAG Models Gary Dakin offers five tips about headshots, finding an agent, managing expectations, and modeling schools, for both curvaceous and “straight-size” models.

  • How to Get Your Child Actor an Agent

    CESD talent agent Kerri Krilla and Anh Sobo, mother to Ripley Sobo, child star of “Matilda the Musical” and “Steve Jobs,” talk about how to land an agent, what to look for in your son or daughter’s representation, and what parents should expect.

  • Advice

    How to Find an Acting Agent on Backstage

    Did you know Backstage’s handiness goes beyond the casting call? We break down how you can use our Call Sheet to get representation from a talent agency.

  • Advice

    The 5 Best Acting Agencies for Kids

    Choosing an agent for your child is a personal experience, but understanding the agency they come from is strictly business. Here are five agencies who are doing big things in the realm of child representation.

  • Advice

    What to Look for in a Lit Agent

    Charles Kopelman of the Abrams Agency on what a writer should look for in their relationship with a lit agent, and what clients can expect from a good partner.

  • News

    7 Tips for Landing an Agent

    Across the Board Talent Agency founder Guy Kochlani and Vice President Todd Eskin offer actors the inside scoop on what to do and not do in the audition room, and the one thing that shouldn’t change after you get an agent.

  • Advice

    Is Your Agent Skilled at Delivering Bad News?

    Bad news is like death and taxes—inevitable. But that doesn't mean that hearing it will be terrible; if you have an agent like Abrams Artist Agency’s Robert Attermann, bad news can sometimes be a learning experience.

  • Advice

    1 Factor That Makes a Great Agent

    Guy Kochlani and Todd Eskin of Across the Board Talent Agency on why communication is key.