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    A NYC Agent on How to Choose a Manager

    Bloc Talent Agency's Fatima Wilson offers advice on what to look for in a manager—and how to get one.

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    Backstage University Provides Essential Learning for Actors

    Started in 2012, Backstage University takes helping working actors achieve their dreams even further by offering classes, webinars, seminars, panel discussions, and so much more!

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    1 Agent on What Makes a Great Headshot

    Everyone has a different take on what makes a great headshot, and your best bet is to look at them all and make your decision from there. That’s why we asked Abrams Artist Agency’s Robert Attermann what he thinks makes a good headshot!

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    Sign Up for CSA’s Meals for Monologues!

    Members of the Casting Society of America are organizing Meals for Monologues, a charity event created to benefit local-area food banks where actors can perform a one-minute monologue for some of NYC’s top industry CDs and agents!

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    7 Tips for Landing an Agent

    Across the Board Talent Agency founder Guy Kochlani and Vice President Todd Eskin offer actors the inside scoop on what to do and not do in the audition room, and the one thing that shouldn’t change after you get an agent.

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    How Involved Should Your Agent Be?

    Relationships with agents can be tricky. You’re paying him or her to aid you in your career, but at the same time, you’re in the trenches together in what can at times be an intensely personal business. So how involved in clients’ lives do agents become? Abrams Artists ...

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    What Your Agent Does Post Audition

    Having an agent secure auditions for you is just one upside to having representation—there’s also knowing that you’re not alone afterward! Your agent is there for you in the post-audition blur, as Abrams Artist Agency’s Robert Attermann explains.

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    How to Get an Acting Agent

    Getting an acting agent can help you kickstart your career. Learn what an agent does, how you can get an agent, and to where to find an agent, plus further reading from Backstage's own experts.

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    Are You in Danger of Being Dropped by Your Agent?

    Finding an agent can be one of the most difficult but helpful aspects of pursuing acting as a career. But just as in a relationship, sometimes one or both parties can find that enough is enough. We asked Abrams Artist Agency’s Robert Attermann to break down the reasons an ...

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    Are You Guilty of These Self-Tape Mistakes?

    Putting yourself on tape to audition for a role is a miracle of technology that allows actors outside of the major markets the opportunity to be seen for big roles. But are you making common mistakes that knock you out of the running immediately? Abrams Artist Agency’s Robert Attermann ...