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Paul Russell

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    10 Tips for Actors

    I get e-mails daily from actors asking questions. If time (and brain clarity) permit, I’ll gladly answer. Below are 10 tips for an actor's career culled from these private exchanges.

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    Why Actors Shouldn't Lie on Their Resumes

    When any of us create falsehoods, the damage done is not in the moment of "gotcha." No, it’s your self-esteem that suffers a near-fatal blow.

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    Why You Need To Be Idealistic As an Actor

    However you evolved into an actor, your journey was soon propelled by a simple four-letter word: Love. Passion births idealism. Grasping firmly onto that fascination invokes our individual desires for success.

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    How To Audition and Get Cast in Your Sleep

    Casting director Paul Russell shares how actors can get the attention of casting directors and agents without ever going to any auditions.

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    How To Gain Acting Success Like Edie Falco

    The pace to a self-sustaining acting career varies. More often than not, the journey for actors being able to “do what they love” and nothing else without financial worry is a curving pot-holed course of great distance traveled until smooth straightway is rode.

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    Why Nonunion Actors Should Submit for Union Projects

    A non-union actor can audition for and be hired for a union project. And depending on the project plus governing union, the actor can easily be hired either as union or non-union.

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    Why Actors Misinform Other Actors: Ignorance or Deceit?

    Never—until I jumped the casting table from actor to director, casting director, and teacher—had I realized how much inept, incorrect, assumed information about the entertainment business and how-to-be-an-actor is spread by incompetent, misinformed actors themselves.

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    Why Actors Act Against Their Best Interest

    We all, at various detours of our journeys, pull ourselves into these destructive weigh-stations of negative reflection. Yet when that nagging inner-voice routes its phantom calling to our cranium, we sometimes have the tendency to wallow in the false comfort of empty self-pity.

  • Advice

    Are You An Acting Con Artist?

    Why can’t some actors be original? Why do some take it upon themselves not to be actors but imitators?

  • Advice

    16 Reasons You’re Stuck Doing Background Work

    Casting director Paul Russell challenges actors to follow their goals and not get stuck in a rut doing background work.