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    3 Questions To Ask About Your Monologue

    I have only one big fat secret to make a monologue work. And it always worked for me. The secret is to ask some questions (and be really careful about how I answer).

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    3 Tips For Doing Interactive Theater

    I've met a lot of people who are scared to go to this type of performance. Little do they know, most of the actors are just as scared of it. If you are one of those actors, you shouldn’t be. Instead, here is what you should do.

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    5 Tips For Performing Via Skype

    So, as many other artists, when I saw what Skype can do, I hurried to use it as a theatrical tool. The result is a show we call “Long Distance Affair," which is a show that we are presenting around the world and is in New York this month.

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    How To Use Audience Reactions In Your Performance

    How can you keep your focus and concentration when you can hear a live uncensored narration of every move you make? As an actor, you know you are judged in every moment of your performance, but how do you deal with hearing the judgment while you are still performing?

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    Why Observation Is Crucial to Acting

    When you are on the subway in the morning, take a moment and look at the people around you. Chose one in your mind and try to really observe him or her. What is this person like?