Robert B. Martin Jr

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    Don't Audition. Showcase.

    Why do I call it a "showcase" instead of an "audition"? Because this is your time to shine! This is what you moved to L.A. for!

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    12 Ways To Be a Proactive Actor

    Often you hear, he’s a great actor, but wow why is he/she so bitter? They must be having a bad day. You never want anyone to say that to about you!

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    Why You Should Play to the Camera in Auditions

    The most important part to any audition is the camera. It captures the story/concept that the actor is responsible for executing or portraying for us the audience.

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    3 Steps To Making Good Acting Choices

    Here is an easy three-step proven process that I have used in all my projects to help find the right performance style and actor choices that deliver on my clients' concept or idea and proves clearly, there are no bad actors, just bad choices.