Ross Lacy

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    The Ins and Outs of Being 'On Avail'

    Ross Lacy explains what the term "on avail" means and what you should and shouldn't do when "on avail."

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    Stay Sharp with Improv

    Commercial casting director Ross Lacy explains how keeping up with classes, especially improv can help you get work.

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    Why a Good Headshot Is Important for Commercial Actors

    A good headshot is crucial to your success as a commercial actor. It’s important to get new headshots every few years, or sooner if you change your hair or appearance.

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    Know the Details of Your Acting Contract

    Know the SAG-AFTRA commercial contract. I cannot stress enough how important it is to empower yourself as a professional actor and study the contract. You can read it online at

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    Expect to Wait at an Audition

    When you go to an audition, expect to be there an hour. Under SAG-AFTRA rules, first auditions and callbacks are allowed to be a full hour. After an hour, the performer is entitled to payment.

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    Don't Crash Auditions

    Let’s talk about crashing auditions. You see a role that you think you’re perfect for, but the truth is, you don’t know the specifics that casting knows. There are details that the client wants, but we don’t necessarily put all of these details in the breakdown.

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    Read the Entire Script Before the Audition

    When auditioning, a really common mistake is to not read the entire script. Oftentimes actors will just look at the lines for their own character. When you arrive at an audition, the first thing you should do is read the full script.

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    Favorite Commercial CD

    Yes, he cast those cavemen and started out as an actor looking for his own big break, but Ross Lacy had no idea he'd find his true calling when he took a job videotaping actors at auditions to make extra money.