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    4 Acting Lessons From 'The Wizard of Oz'

    I don't know of anyone in the last several decades who hasn't heard of the "The Wizard of Oz," that wonderful musical journey down the yellow brick road with a teenage Judy Garland singing her heart out. Besides being entertaining, it teaches us four valuable themes about life.

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    3 Tips for Successful Networking

    As an actor, it's selling your brand—talent, training, appearance—in order to create or act upon a business opportunity. The goal is a follow-up call, meeting, audition, or booking! Keep these three tips in mind, and your networking will go far more successfully.

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    How To Handle the Post-Dramatic Stress Syndrome

    Avoid the recurring nightmares, flashbacks, and self-recriminations for your performance or what you said in that crucial interview. Remind yourself there’s always another interview, another audition, and another opportunity.

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    How Golf Strategies Apply to Acting

    Par is expected. Par is what the average guy wants to achieve. For an actor, par would translate to getting some acting work and getting paid. Being good enough to be cast. Par is for the hardworking achiever who is just good, not great.

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    Get Unstuck: 3 Tips for a Next-Level Acting Career

    Marketing mentor and Backstage Expert Gwyn Gilliss explains—with the help of an illuminating anecdote—how to get your head out of the mud and get your career on full blast. Trust us—you'll want to learn from her mistakes!

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    How to Keep Your Acting Career on Track

    Marketing mentor and Backstage Expert Gwyn Giliss shares how to maintain control of your career by making the choices that are right for you.