The Actors Guide to Everything

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    Take Action and Don’t Worry About the Outcome

    “Take action” should be a guiding rule in all of our lives. We all have good ideas now and then, and we all have second-guessed them when it comes time for us to actually do something about them.

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    How What You Do Affects How You're Perceived

    Our attire and our personal hygiene send strong messages. People may not consciously note that you look clean and neat, but they definitely notice when you are sloppy or otherwise not well-groomed.

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    How To Handle Rejection

    Rejection is a big topic for actors. You may feel rejected each time you audition for a role and do not get the part. You may take this personally, and call this “rejection.”

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    How To Know Which Showcases To Do as an Actor

    Putting on a great showcase only takes a group of talented people working together. I hope this article empowers you to collaborate with others and produce your own compelling showcase.